'I am a Factory'

It’s time to get back to what America does best in three new ads from Walmart pledging to return manufacturing jobs to the U.S. Showing scenes of men and women at work in their factories, Walmart promise to build things, build families and build dreams.

Working Man
Lights On
I am a Factory

'VERSUS the World'

Samsonite products are a force to be reckoned with. To showcase just how robust their luggage is, Samsonite have put their designs to the test in a series of tongue-in-cheek online videos. At the forefront of their market for over 100 years, they have a long history of rigorous and unique quality testing methods. To demonstrate that Samsonite cases really are put through their paces, the luggage is pitted against a simulated monsoon rainstorm, a 300kg luggage carrier and a chicken. Emerging victorious every time, it really is Samsonite VERSUS the World.

VERSUS Chicken
VERSUS Monsoon

'A Silent World'

CCTV have followed up their award winning ‘The Aged Care’ series of public service advertisements with a global message. We need to understand the challenges faced by hearing-impaired children and their families, so we can break through their 'silent worlds' with love. The advert aims to spread a message of love, encouraging parents to increase their care and efforts to enrich the lives of their hearing-impaired children.

'Almost Identical'

There's an age-old social stigma that chewing gum gives a bad impression. But is this true? Beldent challenges this myth using an innovative real-life experiment starring five sets of identical twins. 

On October 1st at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires, Beldent created an installation called “Almost Identical”. The twins were the art on display. Each set were dressed and styled exactly the same except for one difference: one twin was chewing a piece of gum. Throughout the day, museum-goers participated in an interactive exhibit, answering questions about their first impressions of the twins. 

Of the 481 people who participated in the experiment, 73% favoured the twins who chewed gum, proving that chewing gum doesn’t give a bad impression. In fact, it does quite the opposite.

'Trust Your Power: Derrick Coleman'

When the world tells you "no", you have two options. You can roll over and quit - or you can trust your power. Seattle Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman has been deaf since he was three years old. When people told him this would prevent him from becoming an NFL player, his response was, “I’ve been deaf since I was three, so I didn’t listen.” He didn't let adversity stand in his way. He trusted his power.

Wall's 'Wall'sie'


Wall’s have launched an integrated campaign to promote the Wall’s ultimate breakfast sausage by creating its own exclusive range of onesies – or Wall’sies.

'VERSUS the World'


Samsonite products are a force to be reckoned with. To showcase just how robust their luggage is, Samsonite have put their designs to the test in a series of tongue-in-cheek online videos.



Notice anything familiar about this family? Cheerio’s have brought back the mother, father and daughter from last year’s ‘Just Checking’ campaign with some exciting news.

'Skol Design'


Ever wondered what to do with your empty beer bottles? Skol’s new aluminium bottles come packaged with some innovative ideas.

HSBC 'Bring your game'


HSBC celebrates its sponsorship of the 2014 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens, with a film pitting elite teams from the Series against tribes of fans dressed in outlandish costumes.

'Trace Your Road'


'Trace Your Road' stars the new Lexus IS Hybrid in the world's first real-time and real-life videogame. The idea pits Formula 1's Jarno Trulli against a series of improvised racetracks, each one designed on a touch tablet by ten lucky contest winners

'Power of the All Blacks'


Given common synergies such as power and endurance, Duracell has joined forces with the sporting icons to encourage Kiwis everywhere to trust their power, just like the All Blacks.



This stylish monochrome third person German narration, pays homage to Leica’s birthplace, from the POV of a camera.



Toyota demonstrate the timeless appeal of the ever popular Corolla with an epic journey through five decades of style.