Saatchi&Saatchi turns Moscow city center into a museum

Saatchi&Saatchi Moscow has created an unusual integrated campaign for the Shchusev State Museum of Architecture.

The ‘Museum Grannies' project continues the communication of the famous print campaign ‘Discover the full story' developed by Saatchi&Saatchi Moscow. Thanks to that campaign the museum is now recognized far beyond the borders of Russia.

The simple idea that the city we live in is an architecture museum itself is the basis of the campaign. Every day we pass by dozens of architectural monuments without even noticing them. But every building in the historical center of Moscow is unique and ready to tell its own story.

The main part of the campaign will be launched in the very heart of Moscow. Within the ‘Museum night' in Moscow, Shchusev Museum will turn the city center into a museum-like environment and the museum grannies, that are so familiar to anyone who has been to a museum in Russia, will help.

On ‘Museum night' the buildings on the Gogolevsky and Nikitsky boulevards, the Arbatskaya square and Bolshaya Nikitskaya will set their voices free via the Museum Grannies who will be be on the city streets telling the stories of the buildings.

However the campaign is not limited to one night. Also, within the ‘Museum night' project and in partnership with "Kultura" radio station and the Lilium interactive studio a special application called ‘Audiogranny' was developed. So that anyone will be able to download this virtual audio guide even after the ‘Museum night' to study the amazing history standing behind the facades of the Moscow buildings.

All the texts in the application were recorded by the ‘Kultura' radio station team with the help of the RSFSR Honored Artist J. Millioti. The audio guide will be constantly updated with new tours. Already in July'13 the new version of the application available for the iphone users will include a special tour on Krasny Oktyabr from the ‘Rain' TV channel.

To support the project the "Rain' TV channel aired the 20-second TV copies where the museum grannies are announcing the special program of the museum and the mobile application launch. Moreover, on the eve before the ‘Museum night'the trailer of the project ‘Museum grannies' will be shown in the main Moscow cinemas, supported by OOH that were launched on the city streets from the 1st of May.



Client team:

Shchusev State Museum of Architecture:

Director of the Schusev State museum of architecture  - Irina Korobina, 

Deputy Director - Pavel Kuznetsov

Press secretary - Maria Girba

Head of Sector, Development Department - Nastya Grigoryan, 

The scientific department:

Bode Alexander 

Lihacheva Elizabeth  

Smirnova Ksenia 

Minakova Elizabeth 



Saatch&Saatchi Russia:

Creative Director - Stuart Robinson

Account team - Elena Khichtchenko, Natalia Sysoeva, Olga Ivanova

Creative team - Oleg Panov, Artem Mukhin

Digital director - Alexandr Ovechkin

PR team - Kristina Vorobieva, Yana Brekotkina

Producer - Galina Antipina

Video post-production team - Vadim Korneev, Dmitry Panteleenko

Event team - Maria Krylova, Vladimir Shamray

Branding - Sergey Sidorov

Video production:

Production - VALIDOL

Casting - Ducksoup productions

Audio guide production:

Interactive studio Lilium - Pavel Krivoruchko, Daria Kuzmina

OOH campaign

Saatchi&Saatchi Russia

Creative team - Yuri Polonski, Anton Demakov

Designer - Mark Ignatiev

Producer - Ekaterina Pastukh


Focus films - Elena Voloshina

Photographer - Evgeniy Raidugin

Retouching - Air Layer

 Radio Kultura:

Maksim Osipov - sound designer, head of Radio Kultura

Ksenia Lamshina -sound editor, program director of Radio Kultura

Valentina Ivanova - PR manager

with participation of the RSFSR Honored Artist Elena Milliotti 


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